Super Mario Sunshine

There’s a lot to like about Super Mario Sunshine. The graphics are appealing and hold up pretty well, and the music is pretty top-notch as well. But what really razzes my berries are the game feel and the controls. They’re immensely frustrating. Mario has a weird sense of slippery momentum that often results in falling off ledges and into pits that definitely feels like it wasn’t my fault. This made me legitimately angry on multiple occasions, which felt like a good reason to put it down. I wanted to like this game, but I didn’t finish it. How incredibly disappointing.

10 Minute Gaming Podcast Episode 4 – Breath of the Wild with Autumn Wright

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On this episode of the 10 Minute Gaming Podcast, Will talks to Unwinnable‘s Autumn Wright about Nintendo’s latest entry to the popular Legend of Zelda series, Breath of the Wild.

Mentioned in this episode – Critical Compilation: Breath of the Wild by Autumn Wright

Will Dowell – @Shmoo505
Autumn Wright – @TheAutumnWright

Intro and Outro Music: Pim Poy

Halo 2

Halo is really a series about level design. The story is about architecture certainly, the colossal space stations and the aliens who love them. The gameplay too, could not be more concerned with the way spaces mold the action within them. Halo 2’s firefights are like water which takes the shape of its vessel finding sparkling frenetic joy both in the stealth mazes of the Arbiter and the elevator arenas of the Chief. It is the perfect Halo game. And, in light of the future sequels, Halo 2 is like releasing a greatest hits album before even starting your career.

Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard

A destroyed parade. An invisible neighbour. A baffling vengeance. Foul play is afoot in the enchanted Warlock Woods, and with one webbed feet on his trusty magnifying glass, the Frog Detective is here to investigate. Even without a deerstalker on his perfectly incurved head, he is every bit a professional, thorough in his investigation as he interrogates his suspects—even himself!—on the mean-spirited wreckage. Despite the grim (well, not really) subject matter, Frog Detective 2 is a breezy whodunnit with an earnest, gentle soul—much like the Detective himself. Don’t tell him he’s small though; he’s just of average frog height.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure

Continuing after Trails from Zero, Trails to Azure is another amazing title in the series that is full of unrelenting momentum. While it has slower moments, Azure differentiates itself from previous entries mostly with its pacing. Instead of saving the juiciest plot/character moments for the last 10 or so hours of the game, Azure hits the ground running and rarely lets up. Each chapter has something captivating happen that pushes the plot forward. It gives the game a sense of excitement in its pacing that honestly surprised me. If you played and enjoyed Trails from Zero, don’t miss this.

Part Time UFO

Part Time UFO delights as a co-op physics toy. In this Switch port of the 2017 smartphone game made by HAL, you play as a tiny cartoon UFO with an extendable claw who comes to Earth to pick up part-time work in a gig economy focused on lifting and stacking. What’s truly great about this game is its scale, it’s small and direct. The game has one perfect song and one perfect mechanic both remixed and explored across not too many stages. Part Time UFO celebrates the chaos and charm of working together against wacky physics in a beautiful world.

Rocket League

With funky and dynamic gameplay, a variety of car accessories, and a soundtrack made in
heaven, Rocket League assures hours of fun only dampened by one of the shittiest cameras in the history of video games. Other than that, the idea of jumping and flying with a car is entertaining, and it shows just how a silly concept such as soccer with cars can be executed so cleanly that it can still be not only fun but also competitive. Here’s to you, Leloide, a stranger who demolished my team by scoring while not touching the floor in the entire match.

Halo: Combat Evolved

It is with no hesitation that I recommend you stubbornly pretend that nothing else exists except for Halo: Combat Evolved. Nothing else within that franchise, anyway. The first title was given the love and consideration from which all first entries into long , eventually bland, series benefit: the fear that this would be the only title so it MUST be great. It’s exciting, colorful, and paces the game play premises and challenges beautifully across the campaign. My recommendation is to play it like you already love it: co-op, on Heroic, with the Old Graphics, under a blanket, and with some soup.


Finding 100 words for the most satisfying platformer I’ve ever played is quite a tall order. This game is so much more than just an absolutely stellar experience; it’s about finding who you are and never giving up along the way. It was challenging, but not impossible- it wants you to keep trying, to make one more attempt at that tricky jump because it firmly believes you can do it. It’s a game that’s honest and relatable about the struggles we face everyday. I would not be me without Celeste, and I cannot recommend it enough, to any and everyone.

Kingdom Hearts Review Round-Up!

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