New Jersey Transit

I think my ears are bleeding. 

Maybe it’s the person chirping next to me or the train screaming by. 

The ground is covered with yellow-green slime.

I can’t distinguish whether it’s stray liquid from disposed energy drinks or piss. 

Geez, I have waited for this train for a lifetime.

Oh you mean I can just travel through time? Radical, don’t miss it.

The train is claustrophobic. 

I can only hear my breathing among all the eyeball noise. 

Don’t look at me. 

Try to make music as a distraction.

I need to go to the bathroom. 

The dog bit my dick.

Hitman 2 (2018)

For a game that focuses on murder, Hitman 2’s best moments are nonviolent. The thrill of discovering a new location or the tension of someone seeing through a disguise completely overshadows the excitement of firing a gun. Its social stealth and open level-design turn navigation and exploration into engaging challenges, especially if you limit the hint system. There is a sense of silliness that permeates through the more extravagant assassinations, with the violence becoming a punchline to a dark comedy sketch. Hitman 2’s larger, more complex levels fulfill and expand upon the appeal of Hitman (2016). Sometimes, bigger is better.