Dark Souls III

I’m not going to lie, it took me more than seven attempts for me to finally resonate with this game. Even then, I had a hard time advancing through the game as the Ashen One due to how challenging Dark Souls III is, because I’m not a naturally patient person. But once I got accustomed to the frustration and started focusing on learning from my mistakes, Dark Souls III shined through a beautiful display of well-polished combat mechanics, convoluted (yet interesting) lore, and breathtaking views in this ever-dying land, showing gothic-influenced architecture inspired by several real places around the world.

Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King

This tale begins in Hypnos, a dark, dying world with a mystery to solve. You take the role of Astyr, a wanderer with no memories of your past and a lot of questions. Shattered brings the classic souls-like formula to a new level, mixing dynamic and precise combat mechanics with a platformer open-world depicted as enthralling as it is hostile and a beautiful soundtrack. Armed with the sword Catharsis and accompanied by the creepy Y’aak clinging on your back, you will travel through vast landscapes in a quest to find out the truth behind the disappearance of the Forgotten King.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

This adventure begins on top of a red airplane as Sonic arrives in Angel Island, only to get robbed shortly after. My first approach to the franchise as a kid, Sonic 3 is definitely the ultimate Sonic experience, and the highest point of the series in the Sega Mega Drive, if not overall. Challenging levels with fun and diverse mechanics, wonderful co-op mode, and a soundtrack with a lot of controversy and rumors behind it make this game an absolute treasure in video gaming history. To this day, I still can’t get the Hydrocity Zone theme song from my head.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Released just a year after the first game, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 brings an adventure very similar to the first one in terms of plot. Dr. Robotnik is again on the run to world domination, by using the Chaos Emeralds and his space station called the Death Egg. Sonic isn’t alone anymore, though, as he now has a new companion in Miles ‘Tails’ Prower. At this point in the series, there are no mechanical differences between the two characters, as you can’t control Tails’ flight. But the game introduces ten new levels, special stages, and a really fun competitive mode.

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

1991, what a year. So many wonderful things happened, and of course, the most wonderful was my birthd-what? Nobody cares and I’m not here to talk about that? 

Initially codenamed “Defeat Mario” and amazingly developed by a seven-person team, Sonic the Hedgehog arrived as the first game in what would become the most well-known franchise of Sega. In a 2d side-scrolling platform adventure, we’re introduced to Sonic, a blue hedgehog that aims to stop the evil schemes of the villainous Dr. Robotnik, while also trying to obtain the six Chaos Emeralds. After 29 years, we can certainly say he succeeded.

Rocket League

With funky and dynamic gameplay, a variety of car accessories, and a soundtrack made in
heaven, Rocket League assures hours of fun only dampened by one of the shittiest cameras in the history of video games. Other than that, the idea of jumping and flying with a car is entertaining, and it shows just how a silly concept such as soccer with cars can be executed so cleanly that it can still be not only fun but also competitive. Here’s to you, Leloide, a stranger who demolished my team by scoring while not touching the floor in the entire match.


Godfall presents us with Orin’s revenge path on a journey that will take us to the vast and beautiful landscapes throughout the world of Aperion while fighting our way against the army of the villainous wannabe god Macros. While it lacks in plot depth and variety between the Valorplate armor suits, Godfall compensates more than enough by bringing a perfectly balanced mix of some of the best parts of action RPGs, souls-like games, and looter games, creating an entertaining experience full of very well-polished combat mechanics and lots of customization options for our character, with room to improve even more.


A journey through the eyes of an immigrant grandfather and the dialogue between him and his grandson, Promesa is an abstract and meaningful adventure that takes us from Italy to Argentina in a unique display of environmental storytelling that, while short and concise, it needs to be revisited several times to get the full picture. With a beautiful soundtrack full of nostalgia, an astounding work of illumination, and the realistic depiction of Argentinian architecture, this experience brings the calm of a peaceful and slow exploration through memories of love, youth, and the melancholy of a time that we didn’t live.

Final Fantasy XII

In the vast land of Ivalice, an orphan, his childhood friend, a princess, a pirate, an exile, and a fallen knight meet while they make their way into a dangerous adventure, in order to unveil the truth behind a betrayal of the past and stop a devastating war. Presenting brand new gameplay and a fresh story with compelling characters, Final Fantasy XII marked a new chapter in the beloved franchise, with drastic changes and additions to the gameplay. New combat mechanics that shined through their dynamism and a well-polished growth system makes this game an entertaining if sometimes messy experience.

Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2

Deep in the ancient ruins of Cliff Village, the violent Summon Beast Goura awakens. It is your duty as Craftknight and the last member of the Colthearts Clan, to re-seal this vile creature before it consumes everything you hold dear. With a roster of well-developed characters, four new different summon beasts to befriend and a lot of different weapons to craft the new chapter of this beautiful spinoff comes with upgrades in combat in the form of the Monoshift ability, and ditches the labyrinthic dungeon in favor of a more vast, rich and explorable world that will entertain you endlessly.