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100 Word Gaming Reviews is a website focused on short and sweet video game content. This includes our titular 100 word reviews, short podcasts, and more.

100WG does not use review scores for its reviews. We occasionally receive review copies from PR, but receiving these copies do not affect our reviews in any way.

The wonderful content on 100WG is brought to you by our freelance writers and our staff:

Natalie Raine: Editor in Chief

Natalie Raine splits her time evenly between freelancing and whatever her current hyperfixation is that week. She’d like to thank her English teachers in High School for not being horrible. You can read about her anxieties in almost real-time on Twitter @Witchybride and read her work in her portfolio.

Will Dowell: Podcast Editor/Social Media

William Dowell is a writer and musician who bounces between Wisconsin and North Carolina. A lover of the arts, Will has written for publications such as Unwinnable, Rock Paper Shotgun, and SyFy WIRE. He has also created marketing materials for various arts programs, including a summer opera festival in Kenosha, Wisconsin. As a musician, Will is dedicated to both performance and education, regularly taking on private cello students and coaching various youth music programs. When not writing or performing, Will loves to take on various kinds of outdoor adventures. Follow Will on Twitter @WilliamGDowell and check out his work in his portfolio.

Hylke Langhout: Editor

Hylke Langhout has been writing about games since 2012 and believes in their artistic value and the social power of play. He plays both board games and video games regularly and wants you to do so as well. You can find him on Twitter at @Gear12_Turbo and his website.

If you’d like to reach out to our staff or send a game in for review, please send an email to 100wordgaming@gmail.com. Please be advised that sending a review code does not guarantee your game will be reviewed! We will try, though.

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