The Week Behind – June 22

NGNGNNANGNAGNGNGANA Welcome everyone to the latest Week Behind, where I descend further into madness!


Editor’s Note: …I can’t even edit this stuff anymore

Chicory: A Colorful Tale – Paul – June 15

Chicory has been in the spotlight these days, and honestly, if you want to read a great, great review wonderfully written by Paul, search no more!

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire – Zack – June 16

Zack reviewed Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and talked about how it innovates with new additions like multi-classing and ship combat, even if the latter is a drag sometimes.

10 Minute Gaming Podcast Episode 20 – Tecmo Bowl with Brad Bell – June 17

Will and Brad talk about Tecmo Bowl in this new episode of the podcast, this time on our Patreon page!

Returnal – Zack – June 18

This time Zack wrote a review about Returnal, a game that honestly sounds both interesting and a nightmare to play, even if it looks beautiful!

Final Fantasy IX – Paul – June 19

Zidane, Zidane…mmm, I remember this soccer player, he headbutted another dude at the Worlds like a decade ago, it was nasty, I swear to g-Oh, right, sorry, u-um yeah Final Fantasy, great review from Paul! 

Monster Hunter: Rise – Hylke – June 20

PAPAPA PAAAAAAAA PAPAPAPAPAPA, PAPAPAP-Erm, ok, Hylke talks about Monster Hunter Rise in his review, and goddammit if it isn’t my favorite title in the franchise. What a wonderful game.

What a week huh? Uh? Nevermind that the weekend lasted only but seconds? Or that every day sucked? Well, I hope they don’t this week, have a great one!

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