The Week Behind – May 16



Editor’s Note: Santi is a super twink catboy and he’s excited about the bunny boys. As am I. Bun bois unite

Resident Evil Revelations – Natalie – May 10

Natalie talks about Resident Evil Revelations. Honestly, the only thing I remember about it was that the boxes had a Typo on the name, so I called it “Revelaitons” for years. Cheers.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Natalie – May 11

Nat continues talking about Resident Evil Revelations, this time about its sequel! I have nothing to say about typos, but Natalie’s review rocks, so you should check it out!

Resident Evil Review Round-up – May 12

We had a Round-up of all our Resident Evil Reviews!

Editor’s Note: It’s almost like we had an event or something 😉

10 Minute Gaming Podcast Episode 17 – May 13

Will and Nat have an interesting conversation about Resident Evil 7 in this new episode of our podcast!

Joshua Starts Persona 5 Strikers – May 13

Joshua started streaming Persona 5 Strikers! I don’t want to be spoiled before playing it so I may not watch it BUT YOU SHOULD, OR ELSE.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss – Stephan – May 14

Stephan talks about Uncharted: Golden Abyss, one odd entry for the series for the PS Vita now forgotten. Give it a read!

Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE – Zack – May 15

Zack talks about Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and I was today years old when I noticed it has the Shin Megami Tensei initials inverted. Cheers!

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire – Liz – May 16

Liz talks about Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, one of the best entries!

What? That this shitshow of a game barely works as a remake and the cowards at GameFreak didn’t even bother to remake the Battle Frontier, ruining 10 years of waiting for this remake to happen? Oh well!

Well, that was it for this week’s Week Behind, hope you have a great week!

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