The Week Behind – May 3

Hello and welcome to another Week Behind, where we talk about what happened on the site and also delight in the pain of life!

Santi is a chicken in FFXIV now, I guess – April 27

I am, indeed, a chicken. I admit to myself, I was always a coward, helpless against the crushing weight of my responsibilities.

Also, I’m a chicken in Final Fantasy XIV, check out the stream!

Final Fantasy VII – Jason – April 27

Jason urges you to play Final Fantasy VII, a game way more superior than its own remake!

Editor’s Note: The remake is fine you old fogeys :p

Golf Story – Clint – April 28

Clint reviewed Golf Story, a comedic game that feels like an inside joke. Give it a read!

10 Minute Gaming Episode 16 – Outer Wilds – April 29

In this episode of the podcast, Will talks with our friend Chase Carter about Outer Wilds and how this beautiful game came to be!

Joshua says good night to Ringo Ishikawa – April 29

Joshua finished The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa and honestly, I need to play it myself, that game looks amazing.

Editor’s note: Twitch had a brain fart and doesn’t have a VOD of this stream 😦 Play the game!

Pokemon Snap – Santi – April 30

I can’t stress how much I need to play the new one. Regardless, the original Pokemon Snap still slaps, and I wrote about it!

Resident Evil (2002) – Kieran – May 1

I was never able to play this game back in the day nor I am today since, as stated before, I am a coward. But the review is great so you should read it!

Resident Evil 2 (2019) – Ollie – May 2

If I had problems with the last game this one just makes me straight-up scream, I still remember installing it, playing in broad daylight for 3 hours, and never touching it again, covered in sweat. Nope.

And that’s it for the week, keep an eye on this week articles and hope you have a great Monday!

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