The Week Behind – Apr. 12

Henlo frens, welcome to another episode in this unholy bible called The Week Behind!

What? We didn’t change the name, not at all! It was always called like this!

Tetris Effect – Ollie – April 5

Ollie talks about the wonderful game Tetris Effect in a review full of 



Give it a read!

Santi is a Potato in FFXIV – April 6 

Henlo, I present you CHEESY CHEEKS, a wholesome Lalafell who’s beginning his own journey as the Warrior of Light in Final Fantasy XIV. Witness his adventures soon!

Tetris 99 – Stephan – April 6 

Stephan delivers a great review about this unexpected battle royale. Honestly, it sounds interesting, I may try it, even if I deeply hate the genre.

Fortnite inflicted a wound in this universe that will never close.

Tetris Effect Connected – Liz – April 7

 I played this one with Liz and, while it doesn’t translate the original game that well without a VR device, it certainly holds up!

Tetris Review Round-Up – April 8

We did a round-up of our Tetris Review event, so if you missed any of those, you can check them all out!

Bravely Default II – Joshua – April 9

Joshua talks about Bravely Default II, and how lacking it is in almost every aspect, falling short to entertain, and how inferior it is at building its world.

Pokemon HeartGold – Liz – April 10

Liz talks about Pokemon HeartGold, and I just remembered that I never finished up my run from last year so check the review out while I scream in agony!

Liz Continues Sonic Forces, For Real This Time – April 11

Incredible but Liz finished this horrible, horrible game! She’s now free!

Unlike us, the ones who have to keep enduring the blight that the Sonic Team represents in this world.

BloodRayne: Terminal Cut – Natalie – April 11

Natalie talks about BloodRayne, and how the idea behind the first game wasn’t properly translated into it, finally being a product that couldn’t endure the test of time. 

God, what a week, huh? Full of surprises and…oh, what is this? Sleep issues and mild dehydration? That couldn’t be me, I have no hydration whatsoever!

Drink water. Don’t be me.

Drink. Water.

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