The Week Behind: April 5

The 100WG Weekly Update is when Santi Leguiza, our lovely Reviews Editor, sums up the past week over at the website. It’s late because I forgot about what time is (just in general), but it’s still just as relevant as before!


Welcome back to another weekly update!! April is here, which means a day of horrible jokes that I wish never existed in the first place!

Please, make it stop.

Monster Sanctuary – Zach – March 29 

Zach talked about this mix of Pokemon with Metroidvania, and honestly, I’m extremely interested in it after reading this review. Check it out!

Santi Streams Dauntless – March 30 

Dauntless hates me, apparently, so I ended up playing Dead by Daylight instead, trying our best boy The Trickster. Check it out!

Editor’s Note: My new roommate overheard me watching this stream and I think she thinks I’m a psychopath now. Thanks Santi

Dragon Age Inquisition – Spec – March 31 

Spec talks about DA: Inquisition, a game that I tried to start at least five times and never mustered the energy to properly play. However, it looks amazing, so check out the review!

10 Minute Gaming Podcast Episode 13 – April 1 

Check another Podcast episode, Will talks about Astro’s Playroom with Olly, the newest guest on the podcast and an amazing editor at StartMenu (please forgive me for any past transgressions)!

Cat Girl without Salad – Virtua – April 1 

Ok so, this is actually amazing, this game began as an April’s fools joke and it was made real. Check out Virtua’s review about it!

My Name Is Mayo – Keiran – April 1 

Eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww. C-check out the review, though, Kieran rocks!

WarioDate! – Liz – April 1 

Ok so, I tried playing this game to be able to get a picture as the banner of the review, and I don’t want to even talk about it. Never, ever again. Not even for you Liz.

Editor’s Note: but who did you date tho

Mr. Krabs Overdoses on Ketamine – Ryan – April 1 

God will never forgive humanity because of games like this, but Ryan made an excellent job reviewing it, so I totally recommend you to let yourself go into the dark embrace of hell and read the review!

Tetris (NES) – J.D. – April 2 

J.D talks about Tetris, and what a classic game this is. Check out the review!

Tetris Attack – Joshua – April 3 

Joshua talks about Tetris Attack, an entertaining game, but confusing since it’s a sort of mix of…another game with Yoshi aesthetics? Were the folks at Nintendo extremely drunk? Check out the review to find out!

PS: We’re legally forced to confirm that they weren’t.

Liz Continues in Sonic Forces (why) – April 4

The stream was canceled due to technical difficulties, but I wanted to spend my five minutes in this section saying that the Sonic Team deserves nothing in this life and Sonic as a franchise should devolve to its roots, or perish forever under the merciless shadow of mediocrity. Fun times!

Puyo Puyo Tetris – Ryan – April 4 

Ryan talks about Puyo Puyo Tetris, a game where I never won a single match, and will forever punish my mind for it. Check out the amazing review!


What a week huh, April’s fools did bring a ton of things like, Big Chungus in the Looney Tunes gacha game, hahaha, what a delight.


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