10 Minute Gaming Podcast Episode 5 – Downwell with Amanda Hudgins

Welcome to the 10 Minute Gaming Podcast! Hosted by Will Dowell, this podcast tasks our guests with talking about their favorite games in just 10 minutes! This biweekly podcast has new episodes every other Thursday… or get the chance to listen in two days early if you sign up for our Patreon!

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On this episode of the 10 Minute Gaming Podcast, Will talks to Unwinnable‘s Amanda Hudgins about the unique indie roguelike Downwell, from developer Moppin.

Mentioned in this episode: 
Game Maker’s Toolkit Jam July 2017
GDC 2016 – Designing Downwell Around One Key Mechanic

Will Dowell – @Shmoo505
Amanda Hudgins – @barelyconcealed

(follow @Unwinnable too!)

Intro and Outro Music: Pim Poy

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