Super Mario Bros. 35

Mario Battle Royale.

Why not? it’s free.

Goomba, mushroom, goomba, goomba, koopa

Yeah, this feels familiar. Takes me back.

Koopa, goomba, goomba, goomba–heck yeah, fire flower

You know what? I’m pretty good at this.

Goomba, koopa, koopa, *shell combo!*, goomba, goomba, blooper–wait, what?

How’s everyone else doing? Wow, so many down already? I’ve got this.

Koopa, shell combo, goomba, goomba, parakoopa piranha plant cheep cheep blooper spiny–

Uh oh.

Goomba goomba koopa piranha plant spiny spiny blooper !?BOWSER?! Hammer bro !?BOWSER AGAIN?! koopa koopa hammer bro hammer bro hammer bro–

I. . . I won?

. . . I think I’ll go out on top.

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