Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost Of Tsushima,
A game luxuriating,
In simplicity.

An open-world game,
Without real innovation,
Familiar themes.

Side-quests a-plenty,
The lowest and highest stakes,
Helping all people.

One thing remains true,
Our wandering samurai,
Feels intense and real.

Our impact is felt,
Throughout all of Tsushima,
Actions are poignant.

Jin Sakai is torn,
Between honour and anger,
A hero or ghost.

Game-play reflects this,
Flexibility throughout,
To be who you are.

Sword-play is meaty,
Both approachable and deep,
Savage and gorgeous.

Tsushima is torn,
Can’t decide on a season,
Spring, summer or fall.

This doesn’t matter,
Kurosawa’s aesthetic,
Will always endure.

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